Past Blog Posts & Videos

This page is a collection of links to the blog posts and videos I’ve done for the Jimmy Beans Wool Blog.  Rather than list them by date posted, I’ve sorted them by subject. This has caused a little overlap when I discussed more than one subject in a post.  I’ve tried to make note of these posts.

The Great American Aran Afghan KAL

Cables, Bobbles, and Twists! On My! (Square #1)

Lorna’s Laces Contest, Haymarket and TGAAA KAL (Square #1)

TGAAA Square #2

TGAAA Helpful Hints and Square #3

TGAAA Square #4

Fiber Features

Plant Fibers



Cotton Blends


Blooming Plant Fibers!

Synthetic Fibers

Differences Between Plant & Animal Fibers

Protein Fibers

Lorna’s Laces Contest, Haymarket and TGAAA KAL (Square #1) (Contains a bit about wool, specifically Bluefaced Leicester.)


Protein Fibers & TGAAA KAL


Possum and TGAAA KAL Update

Truckee Shawlette KAL

Learn to M1L & M1R to be ready for the Truckee Shawlette KAL

Truckee Shawlette KAL and Red for Heart Health Month

Carrying Yarn up the side of your Truckee Shawlette

Truckee Shawlette KAL Update

Knit Red KAL (A-line Hoodie)

Ready, Get Set, GO! It’s Time for Another Knit A Long!

Knit Red A-Line Hoodie KAL – Post #2

Knit Red A-Line Hoodie KAL – Week 3

Knit Red A-Line Hoodie KAL – Week 5

Knit Red KAL Finale

Musings & Misc

Gauging and Swatching …. again

Stash Guilt.  Why do we do it?

Have you ever had….?

Goings on around the shop

How to Knit Two at a Time on Two Circulars

Choosing the Right Needle Size

Decisions, Decisions!!! Projects for the New Year!

What would you like to see?

Spindles are here! Great Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Taking Advantage of the Storm

New Fun Here at Jimmy Beans!!!

Knitting How Much do I Love Thee?  Let me Count the Projects!


Under Construction….

(I’ll get videos linked soon!)

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