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My A-Line Hoodie.  I really must finish it!
My A-Line Hoodie. I really must finish it!

In August 2012 I began writing some of the blog posts for Jimmy Beans Wool.  It all started with a KAL for the A-Line Hoodie by Diane Soucy of Knitting Pure & Simple. This is a pattern published in Knit Red, the first book in the red series which kicked off the Stitch Red campaign. (If you haven’t heard about the Stitch Red campaign you can read all about it on the Stitch Red site.)

In conjunction with this first KAL, Diane and I filmed some instructional videos demonstrating some techniques typically used to knit top down sweaters.

Over this past year I’ve written about various things including another KAL for the Truckee Shawlette designed by Kristen Ashbaugh Helmreich (Kristen’s site is Marinade Designs), Stash Guilt, Fiber Features, various instructional articles, and the current KAL – The Great American Aran Afghan (TGAAA).

The focus of my writings has become educational.  I hope to continue in this vein. In the Fiber Feature posts I have been giving an overview of the individual fibers used in many common yarns. I started with plant-based fibers, moved onto synthetics, then animal-based fibers. I’ll continue on with animal fibers with my next post on this new blog.

I am working on a page for this blog that will have links to all of my past posts published on the Jimmy Beans Blog. I’ll add links to the instructional videos I’ve filmed as well.  Then, I will resume my two ongoing serials, Fiber Feature and The Great American Aran Afghan.  Next Friday I will announce Square #6 for TGAAA KAL.

I have many ideas I would like to share with you.  Managing a blog is a whole lot different from merely writing a post and WordPress is a new format for me. I’m learning a lot but slowly.   I hope as I get things figured out that I’ll be able to put these ideas into words and that the writing will flow more naturally!

I love suggestions and feedback!  Please tell me what you would like to read about! Is there anything that you’re curious about?  Do you have suggestions for patterns, products, new techniques, anything that you would like to let others know about?  Are there designers, indie dyers, quilters, spinners, or any other talented people who deserve recognition….?  Techniques or puzzles you would like me to attempt to explain? Let me know about them!

I’ve just created a page where I will post the latest Jimmy Beans class schedule. Whether you’re local or just visiting Reno we would love for you to participate!

I’ve also created a Contact page!

Thank you for reading!


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I've been a fiber artist for over 40 years, ever since I first taught myself how to knit & crochet about the age of 11. Besides a love of the outdoors and reading, creating with fibers has been something I've returned to again and again. With this blog I hope to share with you what I've learned and continue to learn every day.

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