TGAAA KAL Square # 6

Time for TGAAA Square #6!  Not to worry if you’re just starting out!  Remember this is at your own pace.  As for me, I’m still only about 2 inches into square #2!

If you need to catch up with the squares we’ve already announced please go to my new Past Blog Post and Video Page for links.  I’ve grouped them by subject so it should be easy to find the posts you’re looking for.  You can also go find links at the top of The Great American Aran Afghan threads in the Jimmy Beans Wool Ravelry group.

For square # 6 I’m going to go with the final square from the book’s easy list.  This is the square designed by Ginette Belanger on page 14 of the booklet.  This square calls for an US #6 (4mm) needle and a ball of your chosen yarn.  There is a lot of trinity stitch in this one so I would suggest taking a look at your square #4 (the Burns Square) for guidance on needle sizing if you’ve been having gauge issues. Since there isn’t any garter stitch in the body of the Belanger square it shouldn’t pull in as much as square #1.

This square will give us more practice with traveling stitches and give us a hint of work with plaits. We will also learn how to increase and decrease evenly across a pattern.

I want to get this post out to you this morning but I also want to discuss how to increase or decrease evenly across a project.  Unfortunately, because I need to prepare for a classes today I’m a bit pressed for time.  I’ll write about how to space your increases and decreases evenly in my next post.

Happy Knitting!


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